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Ralph Coverdale once said: "To make way in life you need three things: A deep sense of inner Purpose and the will to renew it - A clear Vision of where you want to get to and the energy to pursue it. - And courage. Courage to take steps which others might fear to take.”

We established myCoverdale.net in this spirit: Our core purpose, Coverdale’s mission is to “Enable people to succeed – together”. We are known for our unrelenting pursuit of purpose, linking all activities to help our client’s to achieve their targets, realizing their mission, unleashing their potential. We help our clients to get clarity of their aims, focus their resources and align the people so that they are motivated and can deliver the desired results. Our methods are Evidence Based and we are not about the latest fad. At the same time we are always staying up to date and review new approaches, thinking models and research results. We are permanently discussing and evaluating – in the end we adapt and absorb what is supported by enough evidence and on purpose.

We decided to make you part of this process, discuss our opinions and conclusions with you and provide you with “backstage” access to our coaches. On one hand we want to act as “curators” of the continuously developing field of organizational and individual development and on the other hand we are seeking your opinion in order to help us improve.

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  • Relaunch of Coverdale web presence

    Posted by Karsten / on 02/17/2011 / 2 Comments

    Dear Colleagues,

    As you all know - especially as many of you have supported us - we have recently relaunched our primary website www.coverdale.us . North America and the UK are the first countries to publish their new website, Austria will follow shortly and by late spring we should have all Coverdale countries with new design and content. That includes Coverdale India, our newest member in the Coverdale group. Our German colleague Hanspeter Durlesser has been in India now for over a year and is starting the new company together with an Indian partner.

    After the website we have also relaunched ..

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